DEEM Travel Expense


All Business. The most difficult part of any business trip is too often the trip itself. It shouldn't be. We make it easier for the traveler to get down to business without distraction. We make it simple for the manager to keep track of all the moving parts. And we support our partners with the information they need to stay competitive. We have 35,000 corporate customers and growing, and the world's largest travel management companies are now on the Deem platform. We've figured out how to cut through the crap in the travel business. We get it.



Manually managing expense reports comes at a significant cost for companies and their employees. Businesses using Excel spreadsheets and paper-based systems pay up to 40% more to process their expense reports and take three times longer to reimburse employees. Even more costly: one in five expense reports submitted at these companies is in direct violation of company policy.

Deem Expense, part of the Deem Work Fource platform, provides travel managers and finance professionals with a suite of tools that help control travel spend, enforce company rules, simplify reimbursement and provide robust reporting and analytics. Deem expense automates and streamlines every step of the process- transactions flow directly into Deem's mobile app and company spending policies are applied from point of purchase to reimbursement, all within an easy to use, dynamic interface.

For Travel Managers: Deem Book Work Expense Features

- Corporate Card Integration
- Intelligent Matching
- Policy Engine
- Cost Allocation
- Approval Permissions and Workflow

- Integrated ACH payments
- Mileage Reimbursements
- General Service Admin (GSA) per diem Integration
- Streamlined Portal

For Travelers: Deem Road Work Expense Features

- Modern Mobile Apps
- Personal Credit Card Integration
- Itemization

- Automated Receipt Processing
- Direct Deposit
- Currency Conversion

Deem Open Expense

Deem Open Expense integrates data from any expense platform. Deem travel booking transactions flow automatically into the linked expense platform, providing a seamless user experience. Open integration allows for the application of all policy requirements and system settings.