Etta Open Expense

Etta helps keep travelers in compliance, your budgets under control, and the joy in travel.

The implementation of cost controls while providing a great traveler experience creates serious challenges for travel managers. At Duluth Travel, we partnered with Deem, to offer corporate businesses the most intuitive, secure, and powerful solutions to save money, stay connected, and get more done.

Our latest software tool, Etta Open Expense, allows travel managers to customize their travel program and service their travelers with ease. With Etta, we empower travelers with information and lead them to choices that are within policy—and require explanations when they aren’t—in an intuitive and effortless platform they love using.

For travel managers, Etta is flexible. Travel managers have the ability to adjust policy controls as needed for any number of unique user types, to accommodate both travelers and their company’s financial goals in whatever economic conditions they find themselves in.

With Etta Open Expense business travel software, travel managers get high adoption rates and compliance in a powerful corporate travel management tool that helps control costs. That makes their corporate finance teams happy, too.

Benefits of Controlling Business Travel Costs


Encourage savings

Prices for flights change continually and rapidly. To help you get the best prices despite airfare volatility, Etta uses Google ITA search for flights.
Travel managers can determine whether alternate airports should be considered as part of the lowest fare measure. If they need to be between two major cities, Etta can be configured to show flight options for both cities so travelers don’t have to do another search to compare flights and prices.
Travelers know these details can help them reduce costs and Etta has lots of ways to help them stay within your company’s budget.

Pre-trip approvals: Travel managers can choose to make all trips actionable or only receive notifications on trips.
Policy controls: Policy controls can vary by user type and even by route.


Maintain negotiated rates

Content sources: Travel managers can provide travelers more options when they can include preferred vendors, Southwest Direct Access (SDA) and low-cost carriers, and into their programs.

Policy indicators: Etta uses visual indicators to help guide travelers to stay in policy. If travelers select flights that aren’t in policy, Etta will identify that choice as out of policy and also recommend alternate options that are within policy.


Address travel loyalty programs

Etta stores all of your travelers’ loyalty memberships and applies them to trips. This makes it even easier for your team—they don’t have to search for long rewards numbers or worry about incorrect manual entries that might cost them points.


Recoup unused airline tickets

Etta lets travelers know if they have unused tickets as they’re booking their trips and automatically applies the credit to the new trip only when it can be used for the new itinerary.


Reveal more ground travel expenses

Etta brings this mobility demand to light with a first-of-its-kind travel platform integration with Uber for Business. Now travel managers can better track spending and traveler mobility needs. Not to mention provide better duty of care, knowing where and when travelers are in a private vehicle.


Build fewer sites: Single Site Builder

Travel programs can get very complex and Etta’s competitors are built to make companies build and pay for separate sites around many different business rules.
Etta’s site structure allows you to build everything on a single site. This means you’ll avoid the costly implementation and maintenance fees of supporting multiple, independent booking environments.

Travel managers can also set permissions for each traveler type from just one place, to govern the booking options each group has. This helps keeping more infrequent travelers from overbooking and over spending, while allowing different rules and spending caps for others, like VIPs and executives.


What does sustainability mean in technology?

How can travel managers balance sustainability goals with procurement goals? By starting with EcoCheck, the feature in the Etta travel management software that provides carbon emissions data where travelers need it most—right in the app as they’re booking trips.

For hotels, EcoCheck provides scores for both the location average and the selected hotel, as well as any eco-certifications from independent organizations the hotel may have.


Increase adoption

With Etta, travelers get the information and features they need combined with the beautiful and intuitive platform they want; they have less reason to go off platform and travel managers get higher adoption rates.

Etta is so traveler friendly because we talked to travelers and travel managers to find out their priorities before we built the platform.

Benefits of integrating Etta with your expense provider Expense Solution.

  • Flexibility to choose the travel and expense solutions that fit your needs
  • Seamless travel itinerary and receipts flow from Etta travel to third party expense solutions
  • Email and mobile notifications keep the user updated along each step of the travel and expense process
  • Complete travel lifecycle management –search, book and reimburse
  • Automated trip-based creation of an expense report

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