Corporate Business Reporting

“Do you ever wish you could see all of your travel transactions
(credit card, expense, invoice, etc.) in one place?”

At Duluth Travel Corporate we provide comprehensive reporting through our state-of-the-art applications that are customized to providing data that is unique to each of our client’s requirements, in a digestible, organized and actionable reports.


We provide industry-leading BI (business intelligence) tools that allows you to do more with your travel data. Our solutions will bring all of your travel data, from all booking sources, into a single, easy-to understand formats with drill-down line item data behind every graphic and summary report.

Duluth BI reporting solutions will provide transparency up, and reporting to your entire travel and expense management team(s) and stakeholders which enables you to see the forest through the trees in seconds, as well as giving designated team members control to running their own Ad-hoc reports.