By Alex Tran

Traveling for work can be both rewarding and stressful. However, there are ways you can make work travel efficient. Here is our checklist of things you should have in order to make your work travel manageable and enjoyable.

#1 Mini Wellness + Emergency Kit

When you’re hopping from airport to airport, there’s a chance you may get sick due to germs or exertion. A mini wellness and emergency kit is necessary to keep your health in tip top shape. Here is what we recommend keeping in your kit.

• 2 Band-Aids
• Ibuprofen (check for expiration dates regularly)
• Antibiotic Ointment
• Safety Pins
• Tweezers
• Poncho
• Eye Mask
• Aromatherapy oils and spray
• Hand Sanitizer
• Noise Canceling earphones

There are also pre-packaged kits you can find online.

#2 The Tech Pack

A tech pack is essential for work travel. The pack will include necessities that you use at work. Here is a quick list of the most important things to carry when traveling for work:

• Laptop + Charger
• Mobile phone + Charger
• Portable battery pack
• International adapter
• Fire TV (so that you can personalize your hotel TV)
• Screen Cleaner and Cloth
• HDMI Cords (if working in tech or need to present)
• Noise-Cancelling Headphones
• Camera + Lenses + Batteries + Case

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#3 Bring a Pen

When you travel, especially abroad, there may be times you need to fill out customs paperwork. Don’t forget to bring a pen or else you’ll be awkwardly waiting for someone to offer a pen up to you.

#4 Keep Digital Copies of Important Documents

Don’t let yourself get stranded in a foreign country without important documents. Keep digital copies of your important documents in your e-mail or Google Drive so that you can easily access when you need to.

#5 Have a Travel Space at Home

We recommend having a table at home that is designated for your travel belongings. It helps me with keeping everything in one place and accessible when I need to head out the door and to my next assignment. Having this space will make life easier and prevent you from forgetting important things.

In the event that you lose your wallet, keep a backup credit card in your suitcase or the hotel safe. Being stuck without any form of payment while on the road can be frustrating. If you end up losing everything, you can also load your credit cards onto your phone payment apps such as Google Pay or Apple Pay and only shop at locations that accept mobile payments.

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#7 Have Two of Everything

I have two toiletry bags and sets of phone and computer cables. One set I keep at home and one I bring on the road with me. There have been moments where I lose a cord and can temporarily use the one I have at home until I get a replacement for my work travel.

#8 Only Carry a Carry-On

When traveling for work, we recommend creating a capsule wardrobe that will allow you to travel efficiently and with purpose. Only bring necessities with you on a carry-on sized suitcase. Get one with wheels and a hard body. A lot of travel can damage a suitcase quickly. We also recommend maximizing your one personal item.

#9 Get Global Entry

If you travel within the US often, this will be the best $100 you will ever spend. Global Entry allows you skip the long TSA lines with TSA pre-check. You also get to effectively skip the line coming through customs back into the U.S., which can take hours in certain cities. The online application is straightforward and most premium credit cards offer Global Entry or TSA pre-check as an added perk. Sometimes your employer may be pay for Global Entry, but you’ll have to check with them.

“Global Entry has saved me hours of having to wait in line when returning from international trips. I highly recommend it if you travel often.” states Brian Sheehan from Hollingsworth LLC.

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